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2015 Lexus NX For Sale in Chantilly

Schedule a Test Drive in the New 2015 Lexus NX!


There is a new Lexus in town. The 2015 Lexus NX for sale in Chantilly offers a variety of new and luxurious features, including a wireless charger*, 10-way adjustable seats, heated steering wheel, and 17.7 cubic-ft. of cargo space for comfort and convenience.

This five-passenger luxury crossover, with a racing inspired interior, offers a new technology to help make any trip easier. Is your phone running low on battery life? The 2015 Lexus NX offer a cordless wireless charger*, easily and conveniently accessible in the center console.

The Lexus NX also comes with the Lexus Enform app where you can monitor your vehicle in a variety of ways including checking the fuel levels or the status of doors and windows. The app also allows you to remotely start the vehicle or lock the doors.


To access technology such as navigation, media, and climate control, the 2015 Lexus NX for sale in Chantilly has a smartphone-inspired innovative remote touchpad*. This touchpad can read the same swipes, flicks and taps that your smartphone reads, making it easy to switch a song or change the temperature in the vehicle.

The Lexus NX comes with a rearview back-up camera* that provides gridlines for safe and easy reversing. The NX also provides blind spot monitoring to keep every passenger safe while in motion, even on those crowded busy streets.

If you need a lot of space for family or equipment, the 2015 Lexus NX for sale in Chantilly provides 17.7 cubic-ft. of cargo storage in the rear with folding rear seats for extra space. Room for passengers isn’t compromised for cargo, providing 36.1 inches of legroom for backseat passengers and 42.8 inches for the front.

Under the hood the 235 horsepower* 2.0L turbocharged engine gives the luxury and excitement of a quick acceleration. The Lexus NX comes with three driving mode options including sport, for faster gear changes; normal, for the best balance between saving fuel and engine performance; and eco, for fuel efficient engine power on those long trips. The 2015 Lexus NX also comes with an AWD system that helps keep you safe on the road by monitoring road conditions and, when needed, providing more torque to the rear wheels to prevent wheel spin.

If you're looking for the newest, most comfortable and innovative Lexus, then look no further than the 2015 Lexus NX. Stop by Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA for a test drive today!


*Qi wireless charging may not be compatible with all mobile phones, MP3/WMA players and like models.

*Be sure to obey traffic regulations and maintain awareness of road and traffic conditions.

*The backup camera does not provide a comprehensive view of the rear area of the vehicle. You should also look around outside your vehicle and use your mirrors to confirm rearward clearance. Cold weather may limit effectiveness and view may become cloudy.

*Ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. If premium fuel is not used, performance will decrease.