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Tires for Sale in Chantilly at Pohanka Lexus

Visit our Tire Center!

Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA, has created a handy overview to one of the most important components of your vehicle - your tires. Tires can have a very positive or negative effect on your vehicle, depending on the type you buy. Let our service technicians assist you when you pick your new pair of tires at Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA!

Tire Inventory

Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly boasts one of the largest Lexus Tire Centers in the country. We carry over 350 Factory approved tires for sale such as Michelin, Toyo, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, and Yokohama.

Find the best automotive tires for sale that give you a smooth and secure drive in your sedan, truck or SUV at the Pohanka Lexus Tire Center in Chantilly.

Tire Pricing

Our Service Department in Chantilly offers competitive prices for brand name tires. Since we price our tires competitively, you do not need to shop anywhere else.

Peace of mind can be yours when you shop our large selection of brand name tires for sale because you know that you are getting an affordable price. You also get great convenience because we take care of all of your Lexus needs in one place.


How to Keep Your Tires in Top Shape

The first service that you can do regularly is a 4-tire rotation. Front tires wear out nearly twice as fast as rear tires on a Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicle. To lessen this wear and tear, rotate your tires approximately every 5,000 miles.

If you feel your steering wheel vibrate anywhere between 50 and 70 MPH, your wheels may be out of balance. This will add extra wear to your tires. A wheel balance is a great preventative measure you should take every time you rotate your tires.

Also keep in mind the age of your tires. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you replace your tires after six years. But some tire manufacturers say that they should be replaced every 10 years. To ensure safety, read your manufacturer’s guidelines.

What Do I Do When I Get a Flat Tire?

Bring your car to Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA, where we are open 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. 365 days a year! If you are unable to get your car to us, take it to your nearest Lexus dealer or call the Lexus Road Hazard Center at 1-800-317-2445. Please see a Service Consultant for more information about Lexus Road Hazard coverage.

Why Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly?

If you are in need of any tire services, come to Pohanka Lexus of Chantilly. Our service team is incredibly knowledgeable and works with nearly every brand of tire imaginable. If you need a specific type of tire not normally in stock, we can order it for you right away. We have an incredible selection of tires for sale in Chantilly, VA!

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